How long does it take to make a sign?

The length of time it takes to make a sign will vary depending on the materials and complexity. We strive to meet your expectations on deadlines and turnaround time. While some projects may be ready in 24 hours, other projects will take longer to complete.

How do you insure quality in you products?

We examine the environment that the sign will be located in and determine the best match of products. We continuously monitor and verify project quality throughout the design and production process. We inspect every sign before it leaves our shop.

What kind of maintenance will my sign require?

Depending on the materials, signs may need to be cleaned over time, especially outdoor signage. We can make specific recommendations for maintenance based on your sign. It’s important to avoid damage from harsh cleaners. Use only a soap and water mixture and avoid any cleaning product that contains ammonia.

How long will my sign last?

The expected lifetime of a sign depends on whether you place the sign or graphic indoor or outdoor. We use sign materials for short-term applications and also provide materials for long-term projects. Whether your sign needs to withstand the elements in an outdoor setting or needs to be located indoor, we will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

What materials can be used to build my sign?

Sign materials vary by location and may include acrylic, aluminum, banner, corrugated plastic, fabric, PVC, magnetic, vinyl , High Density Urethane and wood. We use the right material for the desired image and the conditions that the sign will be exposed to.

What fonts can be used?

It’s important to choose a font that is legible and reflects your brand. The font or typeface refers to the letters or characters that make up the copy on the sign. Fonts are categorized by Serif, San Serif, Script and Specialty. Remember that some fonts are difficult to read. We can help you consider factors such as visibility, readability, noticeability and legibility when choosing the font for your sign.

Is the color I see on my monitor accurate to what I’ll receive?

Because color is subjective and can be produced by many methods, there will be variations in the way color appears from a monitor to the final product. Colors will appear different in shade, sunlight, and indoors and with different types of artificial lighting. Also different technologies are used in paint, print and monitor color creation. We use several state of the art methods to make the colors you choose as accurate and durable as possible.

Vehicle Graphics

Are vinyl car decals the same thing as car window stickers or car window graphics?

For all intents and purposes these terms can be used interchangeably and differences are largely semantic in nature. In most cases all of these terms imply a semi-permanent use car decal that adheres to the window using an adhesive backing. Further, once positioned on the car or vehicle they can not be removed and repositioned. While removal is fairly easy, trying to put them in a different spot will not result in a good looking graphic. So while we use the term car decal if you use the term sticker or graphic, we’ll understand what you are asking for.

What is the lifespan of your opaque vehicle decals?

With proper care and placement your car decal can last for 5+ years. This lifespan will be impacted by usage and the situation in which it is used. For example, decals used for exterior use and used in harsh climates may have a shorter lifespan. Those used on a display car that is inside at all times will obviously last much longer. They truly are a durable solution regardless of the usage.

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my custom car decal?

Over an extended period the sun will impact any type of sign, including car decals. Nonetheless, we print with a UV ink that should keep your decal looking sharp for years to come.

Can the car decals be cut to shape? What about Individual letters?

Yes and no. We can definitely cut your decal to a particular shape or design that you may have in mind. There are very few limitations to this capability.
Individual letters are a completely separate product called vinyl lettering. If you are interested in vinyl lettering for your car or vehicle that is opaque in nature please  contact us for further details.

Will my opaque decal damage or ruin my window or vehicle in any way?

The use of an opaque decal shouldn’t ruin nor damage your vehicle in any way. Whether you decide to use it on a window or on the side of a vehicle they should not adversely affect the window or paint job. Even removing the decals shouldn’t cause any damage.
The only possible negative impact is a decal that is in place for an extended period causing the paint underneath the decal to be more vibrant than the rest of the vehicle due to fading over time. Likewise, user error when removing or installing a decal can cause damage to the vehicle. Just be careful when using any kind of sharp edged instrument to aid in installation or removal!

How do I clean my decal?

Your decal can be washed on a regular basis with a wet or damp cloth or rag that is non-abrasive in nature. Make sure that there aren’t any sharp objects or tiny rocks on the decal before wiping down gently.
Two things to avoid doing while the decal is on your vehicle are using a power washer and going through car washes. Both methods of cleaning your vehicle can damage the decal or even cause it to fall off due to the pressure of the water.

How do I remove my decal? Will it leave behind a huge mess and lots of residue?

In almost all situations your decal simply needs to be peeled away from the surface in order to remove it. Any residual adhesive can be cleaned up using a cleaner that is compatible with the surface (typically a mild cleaner works just fine) and a non-abrasive rag or cloth.
Decals that have been in place for an extended period can sometimes be more difficult to remove. In these situations parking the vehicle in the sun or using artificial heat (blow dryer) can help make it easier to remove. Likewise, using a sharp edge can help remove the decal. Just be careful using a sharp edge so that no damage occurs to the vehicle itself while trying to remove the decal.

Can I wash my window or vehicle with the decal installed?

As noted above, pressure washers and car washes should typically be avoided when a decal is installed. Both of these things can cause damage to the decal or to peel it away from the vehicle. The force of the water itself can sometimes simply be too much for the decal to handle. You can wash your car as often as you wish, but while the decal is on your vehicle, we recommend hand washing.